There is nothing like a slice of toasted fruit loaf with butter with your morning coffee. Our “bread whisperer” has been working hard to develop a fruit loaf like no other, pushing the boundaries of the volume of fruit incorporated into a well fermented sourdough. There are so many variables she said, from the hydration level, the careful proofing and shaping techniques to maintain loaf shape, and the right oven conditions.

Bakers refer to the “bakers percentage”, the ratio of an ingredient to the mass of flour used in the loaf. In the case of this loaf, and amazing volume of fruit has been incorporated into a loaf that is still able to rise to a light crumb. Snowy Mill has an equivalent mass of fruit to flour, a bakers percentage of 100% for the fruit. It is not easy to produce, but that is the reason our baker took on the challenge. It is our signature loaf available at the Bean and Barley Cafe Restaurant in Berridale, and was crafted over many weeks with their input.

Drop into the Bean and Barley to try a slice with their excellent coffee for breakfast, and if you like it, there are loaves to buy and take home – if you are lucky!

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