There is no food more fundamental, simple and satisfying than naturally leavened bread. It is as fundamental as the milled grain, pure water and salt from which it is made. This insight underpins the pillars that make Snowy Mill breads special:

Best Ingredients, Naturally Fermented

Australian Certified Sustainable Wheat Flour, salt, pure mountain rainwater. These are the only ingredients used in our bread, no yeast or preservatives. Our breads are naturally fermented for more than 36 hours, and in our specialty loaves, best quality grains, seeds, dried fruits, olive oil, honey or other ingredients are incorporated to create our celebrated results. We believe that to create the best, start with the best ingredients. Your body will appreciate the difference!

Our Passion

The baking of fine sourdough is an ancient craft, developed over millennia. While some of the tools have changed, excellence demands that the fundamentals are preserved. It is a privilege to work in this tradition and to bring back some of the best that our long baking heritage has to offer. We feel it everyday as we work with a living thing, our fermenting dough. We celebrate every day that we can bring you the best that the past has to offer.